Fire Extinguishers

What Fire Extinguishers do I need? How many Extinguishers does my office require? All you need to know on how to protect against fire

Do I need Fire Extinguishers in my business?

Fire Extinguishers are essential protection against fire on your premises. At Black Swan Security systems we can help you identify what fire extinguishers you need for your business or property. Every property has different fire extinguisher needs; offices need to protect against paper, wood and electrical fires whilst industrial units may need to consider protection against chemical fires.

What type of Fire Extinguisher do I need?

To help determine what fire extinguishers you need, contact Black Swan Security systems and we can arrange a fire risk assessment for you. we can then advise you on how many and where your fire extinguishers should be placed in your property.

What types of Fire Extinguishers are available?

For those who have never had any experience of fire training the different types of Fire Extinguishers available can be daunting, Black Swan Security Systems can give your property a full fire assessment in Devon but to give you an idea here are the main types.

Water – The standard red labelled extinguisher, used for paper, furniture and wood fires.

Dry Powder – The ‘one size fits all’ option can be used on almost any fire but does leave a bit of a mess.

CO2 – For use on electrical items such as computers.

Wet Chemical – For use on cooking based fires.

Foam Spray – Can be used on paper and wood fires but works differently to the water extinguisher as it forms a layer over the fire, depriving it of oxygen.